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Target the perfect audience in just a few clicks

We’ve integrated with the best marketplaces on the web to make targeting as easy as a few clicks. Say goodbye to placing pixels, performing manual customizations and undertaking advanced segmentations; every time a new product is added to your marketplace, we generate a new, targetable audience associated with that product automatically. With Unite, you’ll never have to think about audience creation again.

Combine audiences to drive sales at any level

Using our powerful audience management tools, combine audiences that you want to target on the fly to design the perfect campaign for any micro-segment. Create intersections based on product types or on-site behaviors and you’ll guarantee that the perfect message reaches the perfect group.

Stay organized with no extra effort

Structure your data and keep your campaigns organized without any additional work. Our simple built-in folder structure allows you to find and target the right audience at a moment’s notice, whether based on specific audiences or on higher-level categories.

Run ads anywhere on the Internet

We’ve unified all the major advertising networks to give you access to the entire Internet from a single platform. Target shoppers on Facebook, Google or the entire web, whether they’re browsing on desktop, mobile or tablet, not to mention apps.

Launch your campaign in seconds

Save time with our powerful, automated features. Running a campaign only takes a few quick clicks, leaving you more time to manage your listings, your customers and your sales instead of your ads.

Leave ad creation to us

Avoid re-inventing the wheel and rely on our built-in creative templates. We’re constantly developing and testing new automated ad templates so that you don’t have to, creating an ever-increasing library of templates in our system. That’s right: no more need to develop your own ads.

Optimize campaigns automatically

Advertise intelligently and deploy campaigns tied to your existing sales goals. Our real- time bidding algorithms built for sellers will drive results that make sense for your business; we’ll handle the optimizing. We’ve even pre-integrated conversion tracking within your marketplace, so there’s nothing left for you to do except sit and watch your sales increase.

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