Our story

We started Unite because we saw a problem. Two problems, in fact.

  1. A problem faced by marketplace sellers like you, who see high-quality traffic on your pages but have no way of retargeting shoppers who don’t end up purchasing, leaving potential sales on the table.

  2. And a problem faced by the marketplaces where you sell, which win by helping you drive sales but aren’t equipped to offer you the sorts of online advertising tools like retargeting pixels, audience creation, and campaign management platforms that big brands have been using for years.

That’s where we come in. Understanding these constraints and sharing the frustration faced by both sellers and marketplaces over lost revenue and lost customers, we created the perfect platform to put the industry’s most powerful advertising technology capabilities in the hands of people like you, building them into the marketplaces where you already sell. The result? Higher traffic and higher conversion rates. In other words, higher sales.

Today, thousands of sellers across the Internet are using Unite to advertise like a big brand and drive sales. It’s time to join them.

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